Sunday, April 16, 2023

The problem with pushups as seen here is that these are NOT pushups for men / for ladies yes, men not

When I demonstrated in 1995 under MK Ultra what pushups are, those who did pushups had a problem to make 5 pushups / Mike Tyson didnt have problem pulling good set of those but he wasnt the one who
tried them on the spot - after two months he came bye to Slovenia and by coincidence demonstrated how its done, but Mike and I would travel to high-rise office prior to his departures to Slovenia where government psycholohists and others would give one detailed instructions on what is expected from him to perform during stay in Slovenia. Yes, he received instructions just as everyone else in advance for every trip and at times had to stay with some people even for month two would report himself for secret government meetings where they discussed issues for overseas trips. 

Yes, I would be ashame to pull stuff like this on camera. Body must be straight with hands extended at 90 degree(leaving no gap as seen photo between to hands) AND ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR TUCH WITH NOSE THEN UP - I did over 1200 a day at age 20 with also fist pushups. Thats when you do pushups on fists. Those who didn't exercise regularly, couldn't perform in 1995 when faced with challenge even a single pushup and claimed me I lied till proven wrong. Both of these guys were involved in MK Ultra.

Infested with kidney problems, cancer and thrombosis, and semi broken spine, I pulled for the goodbye in 2022 and at age 50, AT ONCE NO LESS THAN 50 PUSHUPS AND 50 PULLUPS at once - 100 in total without taking second of break in between....

Australian man breaks Guinness World Record with 3,206 push-ups in an hour

Apr 15, 2023 11:32 AM IST

Lucas Helmke trained for three years to break Daniel Scali’s record for most push-ups in one hour.

Do you think your push-up count is impressive? Wait until we reveal the push-ups performed by a man in Australia. Lucas Helmke, 33, performed not just 20 or 30 but over 53 push-ups in a minute. But that’s not all. He went on to break the world record for the most push-ups performed in an hour, completing a staggering 3,206 push-ups. This feat surpassed the previous record set by another Australian, Daniel Scali, who had managed to do 3,182 push-ups in one hour.

Lucas Helmke doing push-ups at a powerlifting gym in Brisbane. (Guinness World Records )
Lucas Helmke doing push-ups at a powerlifting gym in Brisbane. (Guinness World Records )

According to the Guinness World Records (GWR), Lucas attempted the record to inspire his one-year-old son and to show him that everything is possible. Lucas trained for three consecutive years before breaking the world record at his old powerlifting gym, Iron Underground, in Brisbane.

Lucas’s success can be attributed to his strategic approach. He divided the gruelling exercise into 30-second sets, intending to complete 26 push-ups in each one. He, however, exceeded the target with an average of 26.7 push-ups every 30 seconds. GWR further reported that this methodical approach, perfect form, and exceptional physical prowess enabled him to break the previous record.

After achieving the title for most push-ups in one hour, Lucas told GWR, “This will be the first record I wish to set of a number of other push up records. Then onto other physical records.”

The record-keeping organization shared the news of his achievement on Twitter, highlighting that Australians have held the record for five years now. They wrote, “The record for the most push-ups in one hour has been held by Australians since 2018.”

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