Saturday, April 15, 2023

Entire US administration as well as top British government were involved in 2016 drop dead harassment which ended up on more than one occasion right at the Queen

 British royals rehearsed crime as seen on video with Queen involved at least 5 times beginning 2012 - issuing me death threats in my face...dragged in crime American administration beginning 2015 if not even 2014. And have had video recorded themselves using royal doppelgangers in 2016 to if necessary - disburse legal claims. Silicone masks and doppelgangers were promoted into genocide by British royal family alone - they alone demanded those to protect crime committed for which they were 100% certain with little luck never would come out on the bright day light infront of public 

The original producer of the crime was none other than "prince" Harry who have apart from family according to him alone worked inside of his room using smartphones or cameras from different angles to achieve maximum effect of idiotism which rather open question in my mind as per who was really behind scenario of for which king Charles was soooooo eager to remind me(just as Harry did openly using video since 2016 with his cretenoidic issues) in respect to SLOW - 50 MK/H SPEED LIMIT....Charles PRIDED HIMSELF WITH ALLUSIONS ON VIOLENCE AT THE ROYAL TABLE IN HIS UNITED KINGDOM OR DURING HIS ADVENTURES IN PRESENCE OF PUBLIC.


None other than Irish Joe Biden assisted(pushed crime down throat to Obama as $$$ ally opportunity and black fool did it again - lawyer) LONDON ROMANOVS also in this crime. Regular royal British lackey seating in the white House probably even as a reward for special favors performed on behalf of royals beginning as early since 1995 when butchery was started by none other than Bill Clinton.


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