Friday, April 14, 2023

As for Bajrakityabha, I was even told she was driven insane during commando training with issues which involved suggesting her saving me from Slovenia via military mission

Sure did my Thai warrior promised to personally save me out of Slovenia that she can, but that I will refuse :)))))) I was told in fact, she became a best of the best in Thai military with thoughts on saving me
(small talk of Bhumibol immediately spurred little Texas bullshit trash of the trash known as George Bush to instigate in more hatred against me as per my being bad/evil for not allowing her to rescue me - for me to see myself in mirror etc. and what developed into failure via kidney issues as a must - demand which was not big deal in eyes of her grandfather and father because kidneys do grow on trees and there is not much to life seating depressed infront of computer I demanded from anyways)...around these people, every good thought was turned into pure toxic as they alone expressed themselves - evil.

Seeing her suffering in military uniform due to heart issues, however, brought tears into my eyes. 

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