Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Thai royals had a big racial problem going beginning 1995

Hillary Clinton claimed me her and her husband's Bill mission to Thailand was ON BEHALF OF BRITISH ROYALS to keep Thai royalism alive by inserting in one parrot - opposed to what Ghaddafi and Sadam Hussein faced - therefore to make a must changes in one(modernisation) rather than to face yet another royal collapse.

This video will also serve to prove that I was not behind "be normal" issues, but the one who always wanted to avoid chaos of yelling screaming/anger outbursts which was repeatedly suggested to me during MK Ultra for me to have problem(will not say anything about who) - Bhumibol was a Thai king of Chaos who proudly drove everyone around him insane(upper class female SPA animal kingdom fan)...
Video can be also seen at OR 
I remain open for relationship with Thai princess Bajrakityabha because I deem was with her mother and even other ladies surrounding royal court for the most part alone. Also nobody invested hope in relationship with me as much as Bajrakityabha

Would I hit or hurt daughter in my life time !!???? Not really...not even boy. Screaming, yelling prohibited in MY OWN family was the reason why I left all traumatised to America in 1995 - leaving a big parents' house behind(houses like this are built for parents to keep up with children and their families for life in Slovenia, but this never was choice for me NOR IT WAS FOR MY SISTER BISERKA WHO LEFT HOME AT AGE 18/19 AND HAVE AGAIN AFTER DIVORCE 25 YEARS LATTER RATHER SETTLED IN HER OWN LITTLE HOME - family from both sides was welcome as my father used to state for three days not more). Thai king Maha claimed he never placed hand on his daughters either, but he alone was a very bad product of what his father apologised me even for as per not dedicating enough time to one.

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