Friday, April 14, 2023

For medical examination at general hospital Novo mesto(dpt. for urgencies), psychiatrist Peter Kapš and Slovenian police issued me on April 13th, 2023 at 2330 hours the following results

Local psychiatrist Peter Kapš who ran criminal ring next to director Ogulin and Olaj, stated me that I will only get hand of these examinations where nothing will be found WRONG during examination with written on top of the paper as per my being labelled as a paranoid schizophrenic in 2013, and my next stop will be at the psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje - George Bush, Clinton and other foreign politicians appeared have agreed with local my own physician is what I was told to go as all with medical results came out rather as normal according to physicians(all but the one who examined me and who in fact is a trainee) involved - this examination as well as entire stay was evaluated by foreign physicians and politicians involved in MK Ultra and was rehearsal of one with what I was guaranteed will be impossible to prove young beginner's physician at fault...HERE IS WHAT I MENTIONED HER(she - Lea was very nice): I mentioned cancer issues in left arm area(lymph nodes and tightness or pain in the arms), mentioned cancer in area of left foot, issues with blood(not clear, with what I explained if not drinking lots of water rather turns into blood - physician was demonstrated via phone from this morning 3 litters of overnight urine which rather is coloured when compared to what one should have been), inability to sleep on left side due to cardio vascular pain located in left area of the heart since 2008, pain on the left side of the heart, seldom lightheaded, back pain and discomfort located in heart area - even warmth in one, blood pressure sound 24/7 which at times stops and at times it feels as if something is bubbling/vibrating one(even air or gas embolism comes to mind), till one picks its speed again and begun to flow with at times louder and at times less loud noise and at times even stops what I can hear in ears, low pressure often was recorded as my problem, eardrums popping in and out just about anywhere and effect is not related to high altitudes as initially I assumed based on MK Ultra brainwash, my sexual drive is almost at zero suffering close to total failure when compared to past(started with sharp decline in 2017)....I also told physician that drinking coffee is instantly just as bad for me now as performing physically demanding exercise(down to zero in 2023 from 50 pushups and 50 pullups at once in 2021, and 2022)....explained her instant issues behind sweet cream and/or sugar if consumed...explained her issues behind blood clots in left foot...mentioned her possibility of brain aneurysm , heart brain aneurysm, SCAD, via hypotension and hypotension issues due to kidney and all still seems appeared as normal nothing to worry was told. I HAVE IDENTIFIED SEVERAL PEOPLE/FAMILIES BUT WAS ALSO FACED WITH ENORMOURS RESISTANCE/BULLYING FROM FEW OF THOSE WHOM I SHOULD IDENTIFY AS WELL....I LEFT HOSPITAL AT 2330 HOURS EVENING(April 13, 2023) AUDIO IN SLOVENIAN(little translation of one in English language also - a recap) IS COMING NEXT BUT TOMORROW.

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