Monday, April 17, 2023

Two police officers identified today

One(I believe also investigator) turned left at ramps in Šmihel(is over 190cm tall) and headed in direction of graveyard, but turn left as houses came to and end...second one was in patrol car - his inspection STOP dot(route is same as to other police officers and one is patrolling broader area he told me durin MK Ultra) where he would stop cars since 2008, but I think he originally is from Celje region and was transferred to Novo mesto(am unsure). Both involved since 1995.

Other than that two nurses were also identified. One registered nurse(appears as very very young Marjan) for whom I pointed out is there already for 10 years and got okay is from Celje region I think...for Jožica(one year younger than myself) I pointed out first 2004/2006 as a first start date but corrected to 1997 - but she was the one who brought me in on daily bases whenever hijacked by CIA from Miami beginning 1995 ...

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