Saturday, April 22, 2023

I was the one who went ballistic on king Bhumibol in 2006 for wasting my time - because he had his entire family watch Hollywood movies

 And he was grateful to me as he realised that wasting time by watching Hollywood movies 

is not the way to spend free time Hollywood learned about my views on movie industry and I again paid costs - king Bhumi indicated respect and expressed gratitude for my stopping family movie obsession that went on.

On occasion in 2006, Sirivannavari who became a fully grown woman rushed into family theatre area...something must say that disappointed me as I knew not whom I will "play with" - further, and invitations to watch movies with the rest of the family where she and her sister rushed begun to take tall on me - in my head was like brought to Thailand to watch movies in a home theather of wealthy family !!????? I thought about BERGER neighbours who spent great deal of life watching movies as if glued onto sofas - when delivered to Germany, Merkel took my side as on occasion I expressed dissatisfaction about Thailand as whole as original purpose was to marry Bajrakityabha and not to watch movies during worst job search in my life back in USA and Slovenia to build myself a family....

Great family friend(of Bhumi) and almost a second grandfather to Bajrakityabha and Siri...he never cheated his wife was TOLD TIME AND AGAIN(was loyal to one his entire life)....ONE WIFE ONE LOVE ONE LIFE OR CROCODILE FEEDING SEASON....

Thai royals are all hard workers - specially Bajrakityabha and Siri...father Maha prepared them extremely good for life - he went even a bit too far with it.

As for my old car Citroen Xsara - NOBODY WILL EVER GET ONE. Its more than a car....when in Poland, I survived in a very bad shape on a shit food without ever buying myself a single vitamin to save for one - I have never spoken about Poliush police brainwash in respect to car purchase and career take-off in Poland with which Americans and Slovenes had Pollacks to brainwash me with...this car is money for broken spine -. savings from Poland I brough with me along to Slovenia. Will repair one to be as good as new. Will never ever be for sale...

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