Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Darko Mladić(son of war criminal RADKO MLADIC) took responsibility for crime in the past and in the future against my father - claimed Slovenian side which knew all about including Peterle and Janša gave one green light for vengeance against me

Son of the Serbian war criminal Radko Mladic was busted in 2008 by Americans(NOT SLOVENIAN POLICE OF NOVO MESTO WHICH WORKED WITH GOLOBIČ AND OTHERS 100% COORDINATED WITH GENOCIDE PROCEDURE) death threatening me in his office in Serbia - something that in 2011 upon arrest of his father resulted in Serbian claims per my being thrown into psychiatric hospital which they managed to realise with Slovenian side and what afterwards extended with assistance of Slovenian police into pay with my fathers' life - death threats given straight into my face beginning 2011.
I am IN SHOCK THAT CROATIAN STATE WHICH EXISTS BECAUSE OF ME AND BECAME WEALTHY AT TORTURE EXPENSE DONE ON ME IN CROATIA ALONE, HAVEN'T MOVED WITH TAIL  in respect to offering me assistance when dealing with a common pest known as greater Serbian chetnik state.
Legacy I was left with upon immigration to USA in end of 1994/early 1995 - from Slovenia which is not even neighbouring country with Serbia. I stuck in a jar of Balkan war criminals for no less than 30 years despite my having nothing to do with them. Abducted by British royals on behalf of failed expelled Karađorđević family(even as I became a US citizen) which signed cooperation with Hitler, but fled to London upon national revolt. A Balkan butcher now king Chales is about to be crowned in greater than Great as you see - Britain https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2023/04/murder-of-my-father-was-top-priority.html...

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