Friday, April 14, 2023

REPEATED: In distant 2011, prince Harry launched what one referred to me as coming Invictus Games via liver/kidney failure which would produce me systematic failure of other organs - LOCATION WHERE royal criminal referred to future crime against me was inside of our house/in my room, at THE Buckingham palace, and also on other locations throughout world including in United States of America where White House implicated itself in one

 Death via kidney failure which appealed to young criminal, was in 2014 when officially opened to HIDE ITS ORIGINAL MEANING(Harry was heavily lambasted for his original idea and seen amongst those along whom one participated as unacceptable) turned into OFFICIAL Invictus Games for the sake of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women - because royals and other elites always took hiding from original crime in valuable causes and have hidden their REAL them behind tortured people like myself.

It wasn't prince Charles who commenced game with death in 2017, but actually prince Harry in 2011. Now you know the real origin of what is known as INVICTUS GAMES AND HOW ONE CAME TO LIFE BY MAN WHO BOASTED ABOUT KILLING 25 TALIBANI "ALQAEDA INSURGANTS"....
With black extremist Barack Obama and his wife on picture. Booommmmm boommer bummer(@Obama - you mother and father would do great favour to free world for not bringing you onto one - you are a disgrace for the human race). THEY DID DISTRIBUTED ME ANDDDD TORTURED ME BY AMERICANS YOU SEE IN THE BACKGROUND FOR THE SAKE OF THIS VIDEO TO ALL PARTIES AS SEEN ON VIDEO(BRITISH AND AMERICAN)...

I will continue to load more and more proofs to you about my being a paranoid schizophrenic for to make you look as good as much as possible....Thai king Bhumibol did have episodes in Thailand about necessity of ongoing crime against me for me(as he claimed) to look as good as possible in Thailand - to demonstrate world as one claimed what it takes for royals to keep alive. Real Thai king Bhumibol(father of king Maha). Was assuring me I have nothing to worry about how I will be cured and begun to scream at me when I confronted him in respect to sports I like and real lifestyle which no longer could perform. British royals and Berlin so to says(Americans), paid one really really well for his stupidities for which they hoped will blame Thailand for, but Asia is none of my business. No charges will be filed against any Asian country involved in Euro American Russo Serbian butchery. Invictus games 

Granddaughter of Bhumibol(daughter of Maha) - Bajrakityabha as I stated will always be

welcome into my life.
 Here is Slovenia which Slovenian government according to king Maha due to her health issues made quite unacceptable in the eyes f the world her to be...Austria and/or Italy perhaps but not Slovenia is what Maha gestured. On the side, two faced British royals signalled me Thailand as insanest option possible - a certain death(SAME AS TO WHAT PUTIN CLAIMED BEGINNING 2004/2006) as seen on this very article. Prince William had two scenarios of which one was for me to either leave Slovenia at this point to Thailand and/or endup inside of the Slovenian psychiatric asylum AND SECOND ONE as is seen above to remind me of NOOOOOOO. First scenario one instigated possibly even infront of Thai royals, second one perhaps also - who knows and it matters not.




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