Saturday, April 22, 2023

The first car Thai Bajrakitten had was a Honda CRV - green

 She wanted to drive car and I wanted to drive her(its when she discovered men think also with a penis and whole new reality opened up for her like why this dude actually wants to hold me in his arms and is it finally okay to be with him now - just look how big he is body wise etc.). She wouldn't let, so cat and all other cats she and family had since were guilty too. Can you imagine she was asking if I realise how tall I am when compared to her and to make sure I understand issue till father calmed her down...geee. Car was okay, but as usual I was interested in something else. She then drove off to mom(green thing was all the suddeneverywhere - infront of every house and infront of everyone I knew through MK Ultra - she made 50 trips a day to mom and back) and ended dating some other boy - father wouldn't suspend her driving license at my request and green beast turned into catastrophe...I cried

and so I said to myself just let it be 2023 and you will see - fine

@BHA - are you going to be a good girl now !!?????

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