Sunday, April 23, 2023

I attempted to take from MY Bajrakitiyabha a driver licence in 2000 when she got one

"MY" ALSO BECAUSE Princess Bajrakitiyabha EVEN got married with me during MK Ultra.

When she got her licence in 1999 or perhaps in 2001(its why I chose 2000), I was eager to take drivers' license from her :))))) The reason as I explained was

that she became too busy and I begun to fear will loose her. Green Honda travelled back and forth and her mother Soamsawali's AVANGE wish come truth became a reality when her daughter became chauffeur. Her mom 
Soamsawali got a brand new house she even offered one to me if willing to become her husband and for refusing, there was a price to pay - not that king Maha(father of 
Bajrakitiyabha or grandfather Bhumi knew anything about it as she warned me, but on whose behalf other than of two she persuaded me). I wanted the younger one for what British royals warned me will be a price to pay. Back to driver license issue...

When brought to Thailand beginning 1998 or 1999, father Maha insisted for me to behave like a king of Thiland - to demonstrate more certainty and begun next to violent scenarios in which off course some other people were involved(thats how MK Ultra works), to display for me affection and preference infront of other people till he received MONEY FROM BRITISH ROYALS FOR GETTING ME TO WANT TO DEPRIVE BAJRAKITYABHA A LICENSE - OFF COURSE ALL VIDEO RECORDED FROM 50 DIFFERENT ANGLES NOT ONE(I didn't noticed it do). Went on acting as my servant and have with grandfather orchestrated a barrage of setups which included  MY Bajrakitiyabha crying and then Thai beauties willing to substitute her in which I expressed interest - it was a recipe for a total ruin of relationship of any kind. Brought to Slovenia to have all kinds of people wander about me - rated by Thai royals king Maha and his father Bhumibol ON BEHALF OF as a ARAB - with grandfather Bhumibol screaming at me that in Thailand women are equal and free...very soon both kings regrated their Germany cry in Slovenia as a whole set of mideastern countries learned about injustice - sheiks from all directions got into fight with both kings who knew little next to cash(POCKET MONEY) British royals stashed into their pockets, it was a setup. BIIIGGGGGG OIL GAS PROBLEMS FOR THAILAND FOLLOWED AND MARRAIGE OFFERES RAINED FROM ARAB WORLD....KING BHUMIBOL WENT MAAADDD. Honda CRV soon was sold as MY Bajrakitiyabha learned, one changed our lives for worst. MY Bajrakitiyabha because Honda was a great car, but in her head Honda became the worst car brand in the world - rating with which Honda executives in Japan were very very unhappy with(WHOLE WORLD KNEW ERVERYTHING ABOUT DRAMMA WAS MY NEXT DILEMMA IN RESPECT TO ROYALS AND I BEGUN TO MORE AND MORE SUCLUDE MYSELF - AMERICANS AND GERMANS SPECULATED THAT I WOULD EVENTUALLY RUN TO AMAZON JUNGLE OR DISAPPEAR IN SOME FOREST FOR HUMAN EYES TO NEVER REACH ME AGAIN - I REALLY BEGUN TO CONTEMPLATE ON MOVING TO AMAZONA IN 2006 WHERE I WOULD BUY MYSELF A LAND IN A WILDERNESS - IDEA WAS TO EAT COUGHT FISH AND MARRY SOME LADY FROM A LOCAL TRIBES - SOMETHING THAT APPEALED TO BRITISH ROYALS SOOOOO MUCH THAT PRINCE HARRY WHO TRAVELLED WORLD WITH OTHERS IN BEYOND FIRST CLASS SEATS WENT ON TO DEVELOP THEORY ON HOW ROYALS ARE LIKE IN ZOO WITHOUT PRIVACY - A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR)...
British were nothing but proud about divide and conquer...Germans expressed their disapproval of me and people wondered....MK Ultra procedure felt exactly as you see on video...million places with million people on million different locations with, however, worst stuff missing in one. I yet have to see movie. I begun to heavily dislike movies due to pure survival needs and can say even watching what I alone would rate as stupidity is of a survival nature. Not only am traumatised from MK Ultra torture, but do my best to preserve sanity and to continue to expose(build some sort of mental energy that gives one also ability to next to coping with b.s. an original mental strength to see himself somewhat as what it should be) back about it all....

Princess Bajrakitiyabha EVEN got married with me during MK Ultra and Princess her sister Sirivannavari who also learned about what went on(sweet little rabbit who next to her sister Bajrakitiyabha also loved me unconditionally learned everything about what went on behind scenes) - she would even give up on her driver license according to her words...both knew, I wasn't the type who would keep them locked...

British royals only poured alcohol in their glasses and sipped onto into throats while laughing...Windsors' long long insane "cry me river hahaha". Yes, they gave CASH to Maha and his father Bhumibol alone became addicted to one after one noticed prince Andrew bribing one beginning 1997 or even 1996.

Green Honda got sold, my Bajrakitiyabha bought with savings another fancier car for which father Maha also added money but happiness in respect to newer and better cars
never ever was tears I was told...just another car...but moped she wished for shortly after CRV got her in a real troubles

Next to parachuting, maybe I WILL HAVE TO TAKE DRIVERS LICENSE AWAY FROM HER....parachuting is a CERTAIN no no

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