Friday, January 26, 2024

Ursula Von der Layen claimed me will have a number of soldiers who participated in MK Ultra depart to Ukrainian front lines at one point of the conflict and then return to me to deliver me a victory while distancing themselves from European and obviously American "politicians"(regular apparatchiks)

Thats very nice - very sweet, but I will never ever accept or see anyone like this. Its not for me what you
see and if not good for you, don't defend. For me when I needed help, no one have done anything. Do what is best for you - or not. I don't see myself in West(did its best for me to see myself as animal - torture/lies and finally murder) in absolutely any way. Do whatever is best for you.

Ursula and other EU autocrats used here mentioned brainwash to keep me silent about it all. Warned me about saying anything related to Western elites or any of their government structures clearly bargaining for me to keep silent even for the cost of what they alone acknowledged was a treason unlike any other in the history of this world. SUPER DISGUSTING. Related to

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