Thursday, January 11, 2024

The number one vitamin supplement used by Slovenian police to murder with(not poison, but cause irreparable damage) was CALCIUM supplements

What police have used next to multivitamins to cause damage to internal organs and to the heart. After

consuming 60 calcium vitamins(pills/tablets), I suspended consumption of one due to fear would suffer stroke - either heart attack or stroke. Biggest damage that demanded/required police to even stop overdosing me occurred already back in 2008 - there were big discussions weather overdosing with calcium did or have not caused enough damage in 2008/2009, but once thrown into psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje in 2013, I felt my heart would burst - explode from pain if laying on the left side. Although mother knew everything about calcium overdosing which still and despite stated wouldn't stop during MK Ultra till at least 2016, once I suggested her a calcium supplement(never took one in my life and she learned about danger of one based on my case - butchery done on me) - she refused to acknowledge one as deadly threat - have instead begun to murmur how one collects in arms and knees etc. based on neighbors' example. Overdosing with calcium was administered by "doctor" Igor Kotar and physicians employed at general hospital Novo mesto. 

It was in 2010 that Polish psychologist Justyna Kedzierska released upon paying visit to Novo mesto that my kidneys were crewed up irreparably. I think it was for kidneys she meant as for 2013 when thrown ito psychiatric hospital on psychiatry drugs that are kidney/liver killers - it was really a death sentence with  only a question of when I would pass away.. Psychiatric pills as you know, greatly reduce life of healthy individuals - in my case, it was just a matter of time before I would drop dead. Walking out of asylum didn't grant any assurances for long term survival.

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