Monday, January 8, 2024

BULLDOG AND SCHITZU = BULLSHITZU: Among other Western equipment - German Leopart 2 was with permission of Germany for the purposes of Russian war on Ukraine tested in distant 2011 by Russian military forces in Russia

Western military weapons tests were based on MK Ultra brainwash enforced by American diplomats who were making sure that Putin would get beginning 2003 hands on Western weapons to degree that Russian military would thoroughly evaluate them and

based on which Russians continued to afterward present demands to United States of America/Germany/ Britain/ Canada and others which would involve solution to its strengths - as to whatever Russians found would be impenetrable to deal with on war-fields and what was almost everything, Russians demanded solutions be provided by West for Russian military to have clear answer to threats facing in coming war.

Putin begun with his apparatchiks to afterwards in 2012 nervously(INFRONT OF GERMANS) suggest how weapons arrived through 3rd countries and not directly from USA and/or Germany, but it was clear that he had Western governments on board with idea to either surrender 1/4 of Ukraine to Russia or to simply lure one into war with idea to destroy one for good. Putin didn't fear Leopard 2, but there was some other tanks he feared and which would arrive to Ukraine far too late for Ukraine based on blah blah which went on with complete agreement between Amerrikkans and Russians. Poctex reamed itself from whatever used to be previous Soviet name of the military factory sometimes in what probably was 1995 - 1999. Poctex DID NOTHING BUT ISSUED ORDERS TO AMERRRRIKKKAAAA AND BRITTANIA(royals who squeezed connections even in other NATO countries to get whatever Russians demanded) ABOUT WHATEVER Moscow deemed was necessary to get delivered to Russia. Poctex  NEVER EVER IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY OF COMPANY CREATED/INNOVATED ONE SINGLE WEAPON AND WAS 100% COPY PASTE WESTERN WEAPONRY OPERATION IN RUSSIA. It was same shit with most of the ROSO(like Rosoboron - Rosoboron was only meant for export and export was whatever Russian companies deemed was practically of no use to whomever would purchase their products - at least for quite some time when they started) defense companies. There were three when it all started in 1995 and it multiplied quickly to some 11+ defense Russian companies by 2003 where I would pay visits with American spies/diplomats which delivered technology in person or would meet on a regular bases - till Russians learned that I never ever will support Russia in war on Ukraine and was kicked out ALMOST for good in 2003(Russians were not the only one involved in torture which they enforced throughout also Ukraine; it was Ukrainians who became addicted with torture ad who believed will never face war if only would comply with Russian torture demands from Moscow - I therefore did have a brief change of heart in respect to Ukraine). That is the history and roots of Russian military might in war on Ukraine. ITS NOT ROSTEC, BUT ROSTEX - TEX JUST LIKE TEXAS.

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