Tuesday, January 23, 2024

@Bill Clinton - I want to rip you apart at the court for your making me "identify" game at what became age 52 after you watsed my life with other White House fellows

 Don't think I am your happy idiot customer. I know what identify is about. You filthy murderous scumbag. I had more common sense than all of you together as baby I was and you just proved how animal can be made out of individual who could have 10 degrees. You will pay for it you dirty paedo rapist. Worse than pedophile. Much worse. Pedophile as a crime which also was part of MK Ultra is nothing when compared to what you have done to me specially after I became even as a grown up man when you instead had FBI/CIA trying to set me up with underage children to see if you can prove me what you have done to me during childhood. YOU SUPPORTED MORE AND MORE PSYCHIATRIST KAPŠ AND SLOVENIAN POLICE(CIA AND FBI STATED ME IN 2004 THAT TIME CASE TO GET ME KILLED DUE TO SO MANY MISTAKES I HAVE MADE DURING MK ULTRA AND NO LONGER WOULD FIND MYSELF JOB I USA - REMEMBER !!???) DUE TO WHAT YOU REFERRED TO AS MISTAKES WHICH, HOWEVER, WERE NOTHING THAN MOST SEVERE SYSTEMATIC EXTERMINATION PROCEDURE.

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