Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Based on my observations, Russians decided will become a Western colony - there was talk about what Russia will look like after clash with USA(West)

I was presented with maps of whatever will be left of Russia, and I must say topic such as Alaska that Putin suggested/annulled one's sale also were part of MK Ultra - Putin is not a Russian, but instead a

Western moth inside of the Russian government steering Russia into total oblivion. Deletion from map of nations. 

@China - What West have presented you with in respect to Siberia in case of strike on Russia was all based on lies. They will share nothing with you. And if they do strike Russia, know that you will be systematically next together with India.

@Russia - You have a non Russian politicians seating inside of Duma with the biggest traitor/sale-out throughout your history as a president of Russia. His name is Putin and anyone of you who felt Russia should engage in war against Ukraine is a mentally ill individual.

Zelensky and Putin share same faith - its called Judaism.

This war can't be won with arms from China or whatever arms Russian side would present in conflict as next, but instead removal of traitor who seats at the top of the state in Russia and his supporters. I already have warned you about and did came to realize what we witness is a self destruction of entire world - not only Russia through which Western colonialism is about to take on world again. Its evil you should have already all learned from example of my own.


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