Sunday, January 14, 2024

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš was DUE TO HIS ULTRA CRIMINAL CHARACTER initially known to Hollywood and other visitors who visited our house in Novo mesto and got to know one also abroad


With some Hollywood producers demanding from me to see one as such beginning 1993 on what role about Joker changed by first insisting me how Joker is making a comeback in 2000 and then even listing me as a Joker sometimes in 2011/2012 - just about when thrown into psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje. I suppose to have made even a case for Joker in this world, but will never understand from perspective of human beings a White House Hollywood world of famous and rich as they referred to themselves - scum. 

Where how was there any possibly for fight with team of serial killers which held police badges and psychiatric licenses and who had support for genocide of entire Slovenian government against me as was demanded from me to see myself in it by the West. 

Where how and what was the help from West which did its best to get me killed before I would get even a chance of any kind.

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