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Pola Kinski/Nastassja Kinski and her father Klaus Kinski WAS A MEGA ULTRA SWINERY that went on down in California where I was hijacked beginning 1989 on behalf of Moscow and Belgrade for nothing more than to get brain killed - turned by CIA/FBI through severe burnout(sleep deprivation) torture into mental patient

Nastassja Kinski and her father Klaus Kinski and her father were involved since early

childhood while Pola since sometimes in 1985. 10 years older Nasta SS ja was to become my wife her father Kinski claimed and finally justified ongoing abuse with what one claimed was declining to remain involved with his daughter who did her best to look next to her father and others involved in torture - a neutral observer. Obviously Kinskis filled their pockets with Dollars and had no intentions to come out clean about what went on not any time soon not ever. Pola who was just as psychotic violent as her father became involved by German government which gave her order to cause as much psychological harm as possible. After 10+ years of torture which systematically was becoming  more and more bestial, Kinski decided to disappear via fake death certificate in 1991 after extremely aggressive daughter Pola announced in 1989 will get father in cahoots for pedophilia issues. Nasta SS ja was involved in MK Ultra genocide with her mother since her high school - father Klaus was making sure she would be taken care off(both) and also through what became university attendance. 

Father Klau SS Kinski didn't pay only to his daughter for it all education wise, but have also made sure have promoted her on stage through connections which were unlimited - was known in his circle even as the most powerful man in Hollywood with only two more that could match his influence.

I just wish I was nowhere near this crazy German Polish Russian whatever drama, but I was. No, he didn't manage to save me and more importance to me is THEY AS A FAMILY DIDN'T MANAGE TO GET ME KILLED. Their role real time models serial killers from Moscow are today on fire after flaring up yet another neighboring country - Ukraine.

Ohhhh I was interested contrary to what mother of Nasta SS ja and her father claimed, but she was busy with her relatives getting job for Moscow Belgrade done and I had to stop insane MK Ultra romance on time. THEY ARE CHRONICALLY ILL LIARS - ADDICTED TO LIES.

Police investigator or FBI individual whoever one was lived just few miles up road - same road you would take to get to Kinski's ranch on Lagunitas(California, U.S) - I bet he had entire CCTV system via federal network connected throughout Kinski's place - in and out. German government officiants loved to stop bye with also foreign and domestic diplomats. Through my case, small ranch along the lake with outstanding access/location became one of the ILLUMINATI gathering locations.

Klaus never had a better promoter than myself till show as is seen here
Then NO MORE. I had him enough it was more time of just few too many which started with him lately in 1982 and up at my age 11.

As for Ibrahim Moussa - that was and is a total psychopath who engaged in torture against me once he became married to Nastassja. He faced pressure to get in torture already prior to knowing Nastassja - but once the two got together it became at times insanely impossible to be near evil. STRAIGHT OUT OF LONDON BOOK OF TORTURE REGULATIONS VI MK ULTRA ON HOW MUCH ALLOWED 


Klaus Kinski in 1980
Klaus Kinski in 1980 - Sygma

In 2013, the German actress Pola Kinski, daughter of one of the most infamous film stars who ever lived, published her autobiography. Entitled Kindermund (“The Mouth of a Child”), it explained in harrowing detail what it was like to be the first-born child of Klaus Kinski. From the ages of 5 to 19, she was forced into an incestuous sexual relationship with her father, starting with open-mouthed kisses and culminating in many years of rape.

Pola’s mother, the singer Gislinde Kühlbeck, was blind to it all, wilfully or otherwise. Kinski’s younger daughter Nastassja, however, has backed up Pola’s account, adding for the record that her father would embrace her, too, “in a sexual manner” when she was 4-5 years old, but never had sex with her. She has called her half-sister “a heroine” for speaking out and lifting the weight of this terrible secret at long last.

These bombshell revelations are beyond myth, and have totally reframed any possible perspectives on Kinski as a man and artist. It feels repugnant even to consider his fabled genius as a performer in this light. All the accumulated lore about his legendarily monstrous, egomaniacal, and disturbed behaviour – did he really shoot an extra’s finger off during Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)? Is it true that multiple filmmakers quite seriously thought about having him killed? – can’t be sifted through as entertaining scuttlebutt any more. Legends can be toyed with, confirmed or debunked. Blunt facts, when they’re this hideous, get the last word.

Klaus Kinski, right, with Werner Herzog on the Peru set of Fitzcarraldo in 1981
Klaus Kinski, right, with Werner Herzog on the Peru set of Fitzcarraldo in 1981 - Sygma via Getty

Werner Herzog, the director who almost single-handedly made Kinski’s career important, has described him as “a monster and a great pestilence”. He should know. Drawn back again and again like an addict to a terrible drug, Herzog braved production with Kinski on five films: Aguirre, Nosferatu (1979), Woyzeck (1979), Fitzcarraldo (1982) and Cobra Verde (1987). On every one of these shoots, Kinski would scream the house down, refuse to be directed, and make mortal enemies of the crew and supporting cast.

The new documentary Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer gives a mere sketch of their relationship, but some of the behind-the-scenes footage, of Kinski letting rip in one of his colossal tantrums, reminds us afresh what a glutton for punishment the director truly was. They’d met when Herzog was 13, at a dingy boarding house in Munich. Kinski was the starving artist across the street – or at least, posing as such – when the owner of the joint let him move in rent-free for about three months.

In Herzog’s 1999 documentary My Best Fiend, which focuses entirely on their dealings together, the director revisits this apartment and explains to its new occupants, in that unsettlingly calm voice of his, what chaos ensued. “Of course, from day one, he terrorised everyone.” One of Kinski’s more routine habits was screaming at the landlady for not ironing his shirt collars well enough.

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