Tuesday, January 9, 2024

MK ULTRA - This man became a professor sometimes in 2008(completed absolvent at faculty where he works at - his faculty where employed is right behind him)

He does have also two sisters. I know for one is married with kids and career, but am uncertain about second one. His sisters are blondes. It could be has one half sister, but am unsure. Involved since high school probably if not earlier. He is very polite individual for whom I hope all will work out in life. I remember his mom, but not father. They lived in a older house in Moscow residential single housing area. He possibly changed - relocated his work position to another location in same area in 2011/2012 when this very square and area was already much renovated/upgraded architecturally(something that started in 2008). Could be part of university where he was employed changed its location. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2024/01/taking-it-back-warning-to-those.html

Dealership just as the one seen here with foreign reporter all involved. Not everyone in Russia as you see has a toilet out on air. Sanctions so far we have seen were built to set Russia free - 100% coordinated between West and Putin beginning far ahead of the war in Ukraine.

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