Sunday, January 28, 2024

Jan 24th, 2024 Father presents me his girlfriend - love from Moldova who was involved in MK Ultra for some 20+ years and came to Slovenia really in 2011 not 5 years ago as you will hear

A single mom from Moldova who immigrated to Slovenia eventually first became love of my father in 2011 and even got job after while at home for elderly. Mom was deeply miserable about Euros travelling to Moldova and counted on me to have problems settled with also my sister/niece, but I knew better even this time and wish Tatiana to earn more money in Slovenia.

My family was busy in 2012 to throw me into psychiatric hospital for which mother found excuse even in father's relationship with Tatjana. Father who encouraged her to come from Moldova initially claimed it would be wife for me, but didn't waste his time and have helped himself best to his abilities. My family <3  you know.

The problem I am charging mother with will not be connected only to 2012 when lies and extortion was used within family members to throw me into psychiatric hospital based on lies - but also what mother stated me afterwards in respect to Tatiana I was the one who brought problems $$$ home from all around the world and would destroy me if I wouldn't allow her to destroy father.

Mother had a choice of police she could use if she wanted to - help me out as well, but have chose a different route via psychiatrist Kapš's team.

Tatiana has a son in Moldova. The thing is police and state prosecutors who ran this case knew all about it and father was only their guest in Moldova where taken to escort me. My niece Urska Veber blamed me while her husband stressed me is best to just get me killed in 2012 as do nothing but cause harm and embarrassment to family - they shortly after almost succeeded via psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje. I hope professor Mitja Veber from SŠTZU and his wife Urska Golob Veber won't be embarrassed even more for my posting more truth on here, but I don't give a f****  about it either. They will have less problems with understanding as per why at the court when time is due to depart behind bars. Didn't know scum(TRASH) like this also has a shame. My silence wasn't good enough.

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