Monday, January 22, 2024

After suffering heavy cold related issues, I found father today in extremely great spirits ridiculed mother(we both visited) on how she should come to him at home for elderly where he would love to serve her

Its too bad that in his life time,he never ever prepared a single meal for her or help clean potatoes etc. or even dishes. My sweet condolences to father for the idiot whom he believed would find AGAIN today in me with assistance of failed psychiatrist and "police". I am glad he is doing better. He is age 92 - not a single one meal and not a single time as far as washing the dishes. 

His police psychiatric remarks WHICH MORE THAN ONEYONE EMBRACED WAS MOTHER(MOTHER LOVED TO HARASS DURING MK ULTRA ABOUT WHO IS PAYING BILLS ISSUES AND DEMANDED THIS TYPE OF TORTURE TO IMPLEMENTED TIME AND AGAIN - YES, WE BOTH VISITED TODAY WITH MY ARRIVING TO FATHER ABOUT 10 MINUTES AFTER MOTHER WAS THERE ALREADY) significated during his "MK Ultra"bestialities a possibility of mathers' departure to home for elderly leaving me financially broke at home as police and Kapš LOVED TO TORMENT WITH NEXT TO OTHER DARK SCENARIOS - father who seems feel great at home for elderly will have to explain to court. 92 years old doesn't mean is not suitable to spent the rest of his shiny days behind bars or inside of the psychiatric institution where just like at home, would get his warm meals. He has a lot to explain about his royal life adventures related to my case. 

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