Friday, January 26, 2024

There is two types of womenI never ever would marry or date

The plastic breast type and Ozempic. I I will get married, I will 100% perform through background of here stated issues.

I couldn't touch female with silicone boobs because it would make me feel am squeezing cancer into her body. Nor kiss one. A single thought on someone whom I would deeply care for could suffer from cancer related issues after watching my aunt dyeing on bed with breast cancer is unbearable for me. Her death was slow and painful with exactly zero hope for anteing more than death. I wouldn't want to pass on any of Ozempic genetics onto my children either. Watching young females relaying on Ozempic is extremely depressive. It also alters the whole world. Small breast whatever you have hanging in there are fine, plastic not. For those of you who encourage your women to go for silicone to fulfill your imagination - get yourself professional assistance instead. Sad story.

If I may suggest: 

Get those silicones out while you can and buy yourself a pair of running shoes do normal and not eccentric walking(much better than running - far healthier than running - stress releasing and beneficial for body) on daily bases and you will do a tone of good yourself on a long run and settle for whatever is out there you can count will also be there happy tomorrow for you...

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