Saturday, January 27, 2024

Mother repeatedly claimed that I refused to pickup father who fell on the floor in 2017/2018 and who ended up consequently with brain surgery in Ljubljana where one arrived in a last second - I, however, that was buisy by with trip to Poland

She repeated lie since 2020 for who knows how many occasions till I confronted her today with her admitting me I wasn't even here when father was taken to Ljubljana for brain surgery. 

As for my not helping out father who hated me at the time with mother to degree that I had to yet again run for life abroad, he wouldn't allow me anywhere even near one and I wouldn't push myself anywhere near one. Even the night he supposedly fell next door to my room and where, however, mother made it. 

Touching my father in any way would result with police filing more lies against me at the local court. 

As for his fall due to neighbors and police that constantly roamed house as pleased for over 3 decades, I even doubt he have fallen on his own that night an what wasn't his first - he fell already before in his crazy room where one delivered so much furniture that it was difficult to move back and forth even in a day time. Still, he didn't suffer any visible consequences to my knowledge. However, once I left to Poland and nobody was out there that would keep his eye on eye other than my mother - he found himself under surgical knife at exact location which psychiatrist Peter Kapš dreamed about will get one since year 1999. After making one blind with droops they sipped him in his eyes during MK Ultra sessions as I described, a brain surgery at UKC even took place with criminals employed by Novo mesto police(same criminals as to those I have wrote about) hijacking me from Poland and daydreaming about how they would connect me to his hospitalization, but they couldn't in absolutely any way - EVEN FACT THAT I TRAVELED ON TRAIN ON FOOT BY AUTO STOP MEETING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE WAS TOLD, DIDN'T PRESENT OBSTACLE FOR SLOVENIAN STATE PROSECUTION WHICH WAS WITH POLICE DESPERATE T GET ME DESTROYED AND HAVE LOBBIED POLISH SIDE INTO CRIME AGAINST ME. Father most likely was thrown on a surgical tale without one having any ability to defend himself or anyone to defend him since I left to Poland/Slovakia and/or possibly - possibly didn't even know how(possibly even via MK Ultra in sleep - they could have even hijacked me indifferent as to what was done to me on numerous occasions). There was no trip to Poland. It was yet another escape from Slovenia and back then to Poland and Slovakia. It wasn't trip, but escape from close Slovenian psychiatric supervision through which Slovenian police was about to get me killed. Before Poland, it was Hungary, Ukraine and even Belarus I ran to....there were no trips in my life other than whenever I transported mother or whomever to wherever place at their request. I was busy getting my life.

As for picking up father which I haven't done on opportunity for which is a great question on how it all took place and will only know if he alone will disclose truth in case he remembers one(father is afraid of police like shit and only sticks to their scenarios - fears for his life when it comes to MK Ultra will rather die than mneion anything about it) - I saved one life on several occasions, but ungrateful bastard forgot all about it On one occasion at my age 12, I pulled criminal away from path of fallen tree in Kočevski Rog where we went to collect heating wood for winter. Don't ask me how my childhood was next to him and what one proceeded against me with what became even psychiatry at my age 40 based on his and family lies against me.

What neighbors were advising me as well as other kids and their parents throughout my childhood(beginning early childhood) on how I should and must inform police about physical abuse at home, I have soared one on million occasions till as I stated it became all to late and he used the opportunity for everything done to me to destroy me with lies through the use of police. Mother claimed me, if you report one to police will never get to see one again and so it went in silence.

Mother who often times went to father in the room and took care of one surely didn't push one - there is nothing she would have out of it in case someone did pushed him. Who else might have been in there, however, is another topic which police 100% would know about it(so take a wild guess who if it was). Father wouldn't wrestle with mom, but stranger could well have one pushed on his ran out of his room where two possibly(if) bumped at one anther. This house always was under the super close police surveillance - OPERATED AND NOT ONLY SURVEILLANCED BY POLICE. Slovenian police had me hijacked back to Slovenia upon immediate arrival to Poland and this are the questions I do like to learn more about it since they contemplated on something else would do with me back then - regretted through discussion during which Slovenian police pushed forward scenario through which they hoped would even get me arrested based on crime which they alone possibly have executed or would use father's accidental fall to falsely accuse me on attack on father. SLOVENIAN POLICE HAS QUESTIONS TO ANSWER AND SOON WILL. Same criminals from Novo mesto police station as whom Belgrade/Ljubljana have used for barricading itself in house over two daces and half where torture went on behind closed doors. Criminals did delivered me to Ljubljana where they had father with what I had at the time noooo clue what for.



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