Sunday, January 14, 2024

Slovenian police which interrogated with neighbors on which Casio watch was stolen, obtained from me statement for at least 5 other models rather than the one sister purchased - I fonally was rated as mentally retarded by Lojze Peterle/Rupel and police for

purchasing expensive Casio watch which had nothing when compared to cheap Casio watches. I remember two stating me, "if you at least purchased $20 Casio Digital Moon Data Tide and you failed even at that"

My watch had a funny cosmetic screws up front, my watch was small when compared to Shocks or moon tide watches, and belt was exactly as the one seen as well as small round circle with what sister claimed was compelled to buy one due to good water resistance - 100m. So I know, they knew very well what watch was purchased(Casio Forward GEO TRAIL) but have instead lied as the case was with everything else. Ohhh, they video recorded themselves on who knows how many occasions with whatever Casio models.

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