Saturday, January 27, 2024

How criminal elite from London rationalized crime against me - as a necessary part to see/learn what Slovenian side have done to me for me to see myself against them

They referred to extermination procedure against me enforced by Slovenian police as an investigation with my being investigator(anywhere from Harry Windsor to William, Charles etc. - royal filth lied so much that I thought will go insane from lies they continued to repeatedly stress in my face over the course of two decades) based on whose account they will know whom they dealt with and for whom they already

knew lied against them, but wanted to learn exactly how much. This was as was also told, to see if its worth to help me out since due to so much abuse British "royals" knew, could not be worth due to my mental issues. Murderous British swinery made in United Kingdom at its finest with Harry appointing himself infront of me as a special investigator sent to Amerrikkkaaaa per "queen" Elisabeth on special investigation for my sake...baaaah, all I could was to go and vomit as single thought on these snails make one puke

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