Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš got his diploma in life so late that due to stated in opinion of American psychologist involved, he shouldn't even get one - criminal moved inside of our home for some time to harass me

 When he opened his private office, he was located on same floor but in different office for first two-three years...he specialty became as it appears an incitement of people into domestic violence and real question here is just how much police has to do with it since they knew all about it including about fact that he accepted bribes from Westerners for crime and criminal scenarios against me - he gave them written scenarios which they approve on what one collected $$$$ and implemented them in household once already gone. I WILL DEMAND INDIVIDUAL TO BE SETNECED TO MAXIMUM PRISON SENTENCE AND IF POSSIBLE DEATH PENATLY.

Same floor, but not in corner office ;)


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