Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš just as the case was with son from Gedžo

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš brought me inside of his building on same floor and video recorded himself physically fighting with me along police - he harassed-intimidated bullied and orchestrated my physically what would be assault on him. This won't work either.

Geđo's son, however, orchestrated myself on top of him next to Krka river in what should have been physical fight - this won't work either. 

I am not interested in meeting either one of the two and deem Geđo family as okay family(will work with you as friend and off course with Silvia - Roma girl), but psychiatrist as I stated only to deal with via police enforcement-courts.


I demand Psychiatrist Peter Kapš arrested-trialed and maximum prison sentence for one.

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš was by far the politest psychiatrist in real time, but a real best under MK Ultra who ran crime against me. I threw him out of the house under MK Ultra and I will throw him inside of the jail in real time.

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