Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I will tell you like this

 For every proof that will count above average as was told, there will be a price I will have to pay with suffering. Politicians had book of bullshit(encyclopedia of problems and local psychiatrist who bashed on b.s. he created based on which it even appeared to me they received money in Slovenia), and told me with what cost those proofs is somehow obtained from people I would meet would be...anywhere from computer problems to other issues I mentioned...

Its why UN has everything to do with it - its a routine procedure that was done to God knows how many people prior to myself.

Based on written here and experience I had, one wouldn't want to even meet people with proofs any longer....thats how far they took it. 26 years for which for duration of 22 due to disgust, I refused to use even android as a device.

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