Friday, February 2, 2024

And for the last Donald Trump ALSO hoped(demanded) for SEASONALLY OCCASIONALLY FROM ME TO SEE ONE AS and next to one being a spy for Biden IT will be WOULD BE his LAST revelation to his republican party(for light headed democrats willing to settle for) on how one actually is a democrat and not republican

Trump's PRIVATE revelations are for WEAKER THAN WEAK MINDED ELEPHANTS - doubt about any real democrats taking Trump's private all sinking elephants anti Russian spy side. Saving private Trump from drowning you all equals to that red paddle poodle of paint. Akhmmmhe huhaaame voat for Duonald Trumb drain d swamp wid you thrown and drawn in the halHitlah swamp till America no more. I doubt and world does too, you need coming of second Hitler to secure your southern border. Damage he cause Ukraine is unprecedented and he is not done with what became now even as Ukrainian officials expressing support for one with willingness to engage in dialogue where none is necessary.

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