Friday, February 9, 2024

During visit to father at home for elderly today(Feb. 9th, 2023), father suggested I would finally be capable to take photos of everybody and what psychiatrist Kapš instructed father to brainwash me with during MK Ultra to see it as his funeral or even necessary fake death certificate.

 Father served Slovenian government(British whom they engage in crime against me for - 100% corruption) as nothing more than remote tool. Kapš went on to demand from father on torture opportunities to cite me clause how he will make judgement to either file for fake death certificate or even demand to euthanized what would solely depend on me. This psychiatrist Kapš and police(Slovenian state) made sure he would give them a verbal clearance infront of me even for murder of one if necessary and what I am certain British royals wouldn't mind at all(either of the two options). Either option with all the proofs they saved for themselves would come handy to British crown. As I stated, SWINERY AT ITS FINEST AND GREATEST - MADE IN UK. Psychiatrist Kapš was trained by American CIA as well as other Western organisations - he did attended and was hosted also by/at Royal College of Psychiatrists from/in London.

I am not surprised about Charles' Windsor prostate cancer announcement and system itself the way it was to be used through sparking anger in me(also connected with new watch order) 

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