Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Michael Jackson it became clear to everyone involved with one was a mentally ill individual whom US Government was trying to get out of the business by retiring one beginning 1978 and abandoned its attempts after one became more and more popular whatever happened in 1983/1984(he became untouchable with song We are the world in 1985)

He was approached by mental health professionals as well as by government people due to his

increasingly more and more violent ways - it was increasing popularity that allowed one to stay on stage rather than what case should have been - inside of the psychiatric asylum.

Micheal Jackson was a violent schizophrenic who lived thanks to international publicity and a special circles he moved within a life of those that defy system by blending their illness with useful to elites causes. I do not believe was his only victim. Entire family was totally infected with MK Ultra crime. Michael Jackson, EVERYONE INVOLVED KNEW, is what happens when mentally ill individual becomes popular to degree that becomes unstoppable/uncontrollable and keeps pushing limits with goal to cause more harm/damage

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