Thursday, February 8, 2024

I wouldn't welcome at this point in my life any foreign political options that depend on United Kingdom's politics(BRITISH STATE OF AFFAIRS) unless it would be for British police in task to investigate "royals"

I can't afford to bring on the public stage anyone that relies on or depends on will of British royals in any way. Simply because I never ever will become their marionette and even less a shadow on the wall for their sake - its what happens when victims surround themselves with garbage that continues to play them down rather than break free. British have in their zest for total control of the case reserved such options for stage when they no longer could keep complete control over me through the use of police and psychiatry. Therefore when case becomes irrefutable / laughingly clear at their dismay. I lost 52 years of life because of them and will pursue as stated above without a single doubt till case is completed. If foreign state official, you do want to contact me first before hand  so we can coordinate possible meeting. Same goes with foreign state officials connected to Slovenian state. If your country depends on UK and/or you have special relation with royals, please do not bother. Nothing seen on this blog will ever change and one is not for sale or ever will be. I am not pushing anyone away from me but have to make myself clear. British police/prosecutors if willing to make change for the sake of British society yes, regular mortals or politicians relying on goodwill of royals not(also to protect you - your well being) 

My situation at this point must not become a national disaster for those in need. And if there was no way to get this solved till now, I will complete the rest myself - refuse to open any room for offside negotiations. Crime against me was used by British royals already as a heavy subject to political speculations against me and possible as was suggested other willing to interfere. The so called "deal" brokers are NOT welcome here and never ever will be. The real royal deal was to destroy me - make me homeless. Destroy my education, career, destroy me two citizenships, and a number of asylum locations where I tried new life via what became even psychiatry...

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