Friday, February 16, 2024

For photo you see bellow, prince William insisted will be one of the last for his father Charles - that I wouldn't see one any more and as usual would unload barrage of death threats which would as always end in

On how he is not as pleasant(HAHAHAHA WHATEVER THAT BE) any where near to his father and in fact would take in account how I treated one and retaliate base on my mistreatment of one against me. He made beginning 2012 probably some 100+ death threats in my face which I ignored as whole till 2016. Exactly according to what I insisted was told in beginning 2005 by queen Elisabeth and Charles case will be - Charles would handle his crown for max 6 months. Something he extended/stretched for up to two years to confuse on timing once he concluded would be best I know noting.

@William - mister, you are listed here as good as dead(same as to how you and your family pursued me as). My job is to get you behind bars and your kids under the bridge to learn real value of life that pertains to human beings. Good luck with your kingship plans. NEVER EVER WILL I LET YOU AND/OR YOUR BLOODY FAMILY GET AWAY WITH IT.

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