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Top UFC contender reveals he had heart and kidney failure from ignoring a bad tooth for years

Geoff Neal was involved in MK Ultra and shared his story with me infront of those who engaged in torture which included teeth. His misfortune with teeth, however dates far back in time - at least in 2916.

For me, it is a form of torture I have gone through since 2017, but I had no choice to avoid one. Will play you audios about what went on with teeth at the local dentist Novljan where destruction of last tooth was finalized in 2019 to degree it broke off once I hijacked back to Poland from Slovenia. British royals are kings of the swines not humans. My situation tooth wise as seen is 10 times worse than of Geoff Neal. 

The first tooth with which they played poisoning with since 1995 they broke me entirely in 2006 just prior to my return from USA to Slovenia - identical case, broken identically, and after I fixed one was told by police how I passed exam but that is time to test second tooth in a same way and its when start to poison using second tooth as I explained above. Nurse Janko is a dental nurse by profession and every dentist in area of Novo mesto was involved in it. Dentists were involved in area of Krško/Brežice as well as in Ljubljana. I was death threatened beginning 1995 with what would be future use of dental services anywhere in Slovenia by dentists and this for no less than 10 years. They selected certain dentists which family would have to use through the use of torture - Slovenian police did. And those dentists were involved next to general hospital Novo mesti utterly in breaking teeth under MK Ultra. During every MK Ultra procedure, teeth plumb(dental filling) was pulled out and again reinserted. Since 1995 enforced by police via what they demanded from me to refer as MK Ultra(it really was systematic killing)


Geoff Neal had a near-death experience around 2020 due to a

life-threatening septic infection. Recalling the ordeal he went through, Neal stated that he wouldn't wish sepsis on his worst enemy.

'Handz of Steel' said during an appearance on The MMA Hour.
"I went into septic shock and that's when the heart failure and the kidney failure kicked in... I was unreponsive for like a good twenty minutes, they said. It was bad. It was this whole, like, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. You know what I mean, like it was torture."

After reading up on the subject, Neal concluded that the infection had stemmed from a bad tooth that he had long neglected. The welterweight prospect further told Ariel Helwani:
"I'm assuming it came from a bad tooth... I was looking it up... and they were like, sepsis could come from an affected tooth. And I had a bad tooth in the back of my mouth that I just completely neglected."

---- Saturday, May 4, 2024 
Ivan Galac was the one who continued to pay visits during "MK Ultra" to our house even in 2018 and 2019 and 2020 WHEN GALAC REPEATEDLY INSTRUCTED AN INDIVIDUAL ON HOW/WHAT TO DO GET TEETH IN MY UPPER JAW MISALIGNED

---- Friday, May 3, 2024 
Here is the Aryan Croat who immigrated to Slovenia and have as a physician/doctor labeled me during my childhood with prognathism in the medical files(COMPARED ME WITH MONKEY DURING MK ULTRA - SAME WENT ON THANKS TO ONE IN THE SCHOOL) and have suggested to Slovenian police infront of me in 2017 my being a schizophrenic

---- Friday, May 3, 2024 
Criminal complain in respect to doctor/physician Ivan Galac will also be submitted against his two sons who were used to redistribute fathers' crime against me at grammar school Grm

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