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During fathers' stay at the home for elderly where I would be delivered drugged up by police for torture, beginning 2014 police begun to close one forcefully eyelids infront of me suggesting one is already dead to demonstrate me their intentions in case of my not being complaint with Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor/ Tanja Fajon's politics

The politics which clearly was London's politic and not so much of Putin and/or just as much as the one of Vladimir Putin if there is such thing as Russian Putin - something I have proven beyond doubt doesn't exist. Russian not, as a Jew from Russia yes

Father was at first panicked when ordered to comply and envision himself as DEAD in

front of me. The way psychiatrist Peter Kapš enforced his compliance with father bordered on total terror leaving one with nothing other than tp pray(even BAG) for his own life. He reminded me few days ago also about what went on on the bed and in the room where I pay visits, but I refused to place video online till I would get more proofs about his stay at home for elderly which I definitely did today. Father is not as deaf as he acts nor demented as he would want to look like next to tricks he had to pull lets say on behalf of police. It became evident on camera today father

also understands absolutely everything just as any intelligent individual would. He is extreme well aware of his circumstances, but fears issues as I described above.

Prince Charles didn't start to use oxygen tank just recently, but back in 2015 - best described was my becoming sick of criminal London attitude till it became evident that I

will not much longer tolerate entire royal firm. So in 2015 if you have noticed oxygen tanks on previous video recordings which my father had inside of his room at home for elderly and for what I explained Slovenian police was using Novo mesto home for elderly even for virus/cold experimentation purposes, studying fathers' room and issues father dealt with whenever delivered in there, prince Charles came with his own solution to what he stated me would be perfect for me and my father - oxygen tent. Something I was extremely grateful to one for due to stated fact since I no longer knew whether have these people in London have gone totally insane or was it for more acting since their criminal attitude with intention to get me killed via psychiatric hospitalization went into 5th geer beginning 2007 after I left USA for the first time in 11.5 years on August sure felt for me as a tremendous relief because it indicated that people from London whom I have relied on my entire life and whom I have crossed out in 2011, didn't go totally insane - but this news as much as is tempting to consider one came also AFTER there was a set of politicians who begun to object my getting murdered entirely via psychiatric torture. Still, it felt great that Charles even thought about my father and I thanked one for thinking of my father - within days, father had oxygen tent installed on his bed. So I know for fact, that lunacy which British royals enforced against me affected heavily also my father in a most negative way possible.

Charles was simply thrilled in respect to "his" newest invention and deemed one will prolenghten his life as well as quality of greatly. For me according to Charles, it would soon become a matter of survival. I clearly was dealing with the lunatic unwilling to face off with his mirror nemesis - his crazy himself($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

Naaaah, father was calmed on how he will not be killed on occasion and procedure was repeated with Serbs issuing me death threats alongside Slovenian POLICE INFRONT OF THE FATHER WHO DEMANDED FROM ME TO SEE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I UNDERSTAND WILL BE KILLED IF I WOULD CONTINUE....CONTINUE WHAT YOU MOTHER FUCKERS !!????? 

Its the answer quite a few criminals will have to answer to ME AT THE police/courts.


King Charles 'sleeps in oxygen tent' to combat troublesome ailment, book claims

According to the brand new biography of the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles, the current monarch uses an unusual technique for alleviating his longstanding sinus problems

Jennifer NewtonRoyal Features Writer
  • 06:00, 15 Feb 2024
  • UPDATED07:44, 15 FEB 2024

King Charles sleeps in an oxygen tent in order to combat a troublesome ailment that's plagued him, a new book has claimed.

My Mother and I by renowned royal biographer Ingrid Seward has been released today - and it sheds light on the complex relationship between the late Queen with her eldest son, Charles. The book charts how the current monarch was largely looked after by nannies as his mother attended to her duties as sovereign. It also examines how mother and son had very different upbringings and claims that the late Queen was left perplexed by her son's lifestyle due to the fact he had always grown up as heir to the throne - and knew one day he would be King.

And according to Ingrid, Charles' upbringing led to his sometimes unusual approach to life. She writes in her new book: "The Queen never understood Charles' pampered lifestyle and found it rather mystifying, as by nature Charles is not a selfish man, but a life of being deferred to often stopped him considering others. He has no sympathy for trivial ailments and combats his own sinus problems by sleeping in an oxygen tent. Tiredness or oversleeping are not acceptable excuses for missing even an hour's work and he will never have a lie-in on a Sunday morning, even if he is feeling unwell."

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