Friday, February 16, 2024

The main dung(original blonde dung) from Ljubljana police and to whom I was delivered by criminals from Novo mesto police station with what they claimed me was to solve the case in 1995 became promoted sometimes in 2001 and then he got even higher promotion sometimes in 2008

After he committed Mount Everest of torture(in 1999, 2000, 2001) in the name of Milan Kučan.

Got promoted in 2001 probably into a higher ranking investigator and in 2008 he probably became a boss of everyone in there or assistant of the head of investigators whatever.

On his forehead to characterize/construe/define/depict dung with police badge, name Milan Kučan was carved so anyone could smell him from kilometers afar. He stank almost just as the main police boss in Ljubljana at the main police station - this police station/building was apart from from main police station, but was told was part of one reserved only for police investigators. Its where king Milan Kučan and his baron Borut Pahor would personally pay visits even in my presence - considering me as their harmless pet to arrange more details on how crime should be run.

This dung is not as tall as his younger colleague whom I have described as someone who probably was even 190cm tall. That entire police station if you ask me, was and is nothing other than nest of trained criminals.

All this time indeed, murderous scum with police badges set inside of their offices in comfort while collecting envelopes with cash and watched basically form afar to ensure nobody meddled into crime enforced by Novo mesto police. They even begun to insist that if I would expose them, Italian police would investigate the case instead what in my eyes was sooooo pathetic that I barely held myself back from vomiting during transport to whatever location fit needs of their bosses.

And thats what you call a police in Slovenia. In a newly independent Slovenian state ran by Peterle, Bavčar, Janša, Rupel etc.

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