Saturday, February 17, 2024

As for Putin's magic cancer cure - Putin announced one in 2016. It was to serve one to dupe(pull for the nose) population from poor countries with what became evident

close to nothing lives saved with it. Part of Russian war strategy. Imagine the number of people if truth,

one would save since 2017 instead of which one had to wait for Putin(Putin murdered over 500.000 people in Ukraine to have one announced with desperate anticipation to change country's image after one committed itself to ethnic cleansing) to announce one 8 years latter. Russians murder not cure. Same thing as with Russian most advanced weapons which were to serve Russia to close the deal by convincing world that war against Russia can't be won due to its superior weaponry. Prime minster Modi claimed with guinea pigs patients how Russian cancer cure already saved lives in India and further challenged me with how I will solve mine - that Putin's cancer cure can only save was in Russia in Putin's presence, however, that colonoscopies were repeatedly used to scratch my colon wall during which operations I was also laughed at. Could have been same in UK and in USA where colonoscopies were also performed, but at least no one laughed in my face. I wouldn't even get into stabbing my lymph nodes in left arm and what neighbor Kotar proceeded on behalf of Russians in Slovenia to cause permanent injury beginning my 8th grade grammar school - what started first time in my 6th grade of grammar school(age 12) in Moscow where they would begun to take me to some hospital.....

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