Thursday, February 29, 2024

One of the key individuals used for nuclear disarmament of Ukraine(Soviet republic back then) in era of Soviet Union WAS NOW RESIGNING MITCH MCCONNELL

I was wrong. Perhaps even second most deserved as far as Russian espionage in era of USSR concerning

my case and what Russians used in front of the western "allies" was Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell WAS ONE OF THE NICE GUYS(whatever that meant for CIA/KGB criminals who played nice during torture that always bordered via abuse on total insanity - always had two sides) , hijacked to USSR from Slovenia boy age 9 back then - 1980 is when disarmament of Ukraine begun and they needed three years to remove something significant in 1983 from Ukraine as far as nuclear arsenal 

@Mitch McConnell - you are not my ally and you never ever were. If I could have, I would have sliced you like carrot for soup, but slowly so I would see evil shed same I did during your butcheries. There is nothing human about you and/or your CIA comrades British owners. Never ever was about anyone else other than you yourself.

CIA utilized system in which 9 are beating the crap out of you while one acts nice by watching you at the same time for 48 years in my case. System known KILL THE HOPE/GOD IN ONE(hope dies last system) one door always stays open for 48 years...I would describe evil, but there is no way to describe one.

It worked is all I can say 

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