Friday, February 9, 2024

It finally came clear to me(in part) why Putin insisted on my not liking sauna and 3 times a day shower as a reason for health problems

Putin begun in 2008 to insist me will have special mold infect my skin - mold that is present in some parts of Russia and kills people through infection on clothing. Putin claimed it enters through skin clothing such as T shirts and one can't get rid of one ever again. Showering for some strange reason did gave brief relief

to me, but whole thing still needs to be verified. Similarly have relative Miro Janič insisted me during MK Ultra on how I have to take occasional twice a week baths with sea salt. Police which used my T shirts to clean floor and bathroom area after bathing will also provide answer on this very issue. A disturbing fact I noticed during MK Ultra and protested one. Ohhh, British not only knew about it all but on the side incited Slovenian police in mentioned practice. Sarah Ferguson claimed me cancer cells connect with skin cancer cells etc what seemed to me quite insane deal during MK Ultra and what made me laugh about it, but it could be truth have something to do with it.

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