Saturday, June 3, 2023

My mother begun to dislike own relatives due to violence against me - she alone caught them engaging in violence $$$$$ against me in Bela Krajina during MK Ultra for which they gave her word no longer would

Uncle Jože liked me till $$$$ issue popped up on picture...even insaner were relatives from Semič such as Sonja and Milan Štravs with son Roman and Marko...the biggest problem to them was HOW TO DO IT as husband Milan feared law(he already was involved in heavy violence) till police on his behalf and behalf of other family members orchestrated violence using masks based on their facial features. Once they had what they believed was an alibi which would make thigs for me impossible to prove, they begun to more and more openly display hostility. Amazing family as to my two aunts and their family from Ptuj city, they took complete initiative for crime upon their shoulders stating me mother infront of my face how they learned to live in same fashion as to partisan life tutored them - military style and due to their past, man from political party which they all belonged was to decide about my faith - was none other than Milan Kučan Milan even prided himself of his Serbian origins and was specially feisty about it. These people when compared to myself were all billionaires(I was poor as mouse when compared to them) and needed not to where they found refuge in it to get ahead...disgusting.

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