Sunday, June 25, 2023

Police continues to use 91 years old father for assaults on me during my visitations

Such was the case during my last visit when 91 years old mostly blind father first pulled out a brainwash for which psychiatrist Kapš indoctrinated one on just how capable he is with ability to confuse people by asking them "if they ate" during visits - as I stated, they used father neighbors and beyond to evaluate coming crime against me. To excite old man pinned to bed, they cherished stupidities which one managed to evolve through remotely controlled most likely Bluetooth Cohler

alike wireless hearing implant - nurse Janko stated me how one has the ability to see absolutely everything during visits from his office located just bellow where father is located. Further that police will be in area monitor whole thing...

Father asked me if I ate - suggested further to just lay down(father heavily abused me during MK Ultra as my being rather useless/lazy if he would suggest issues such as food/lay down etc. - as for eating, Kapš laughed as insane claiming father infront his MK Ultra prospects and myself how many asked father if he would like to eat when in fact one had tube attached according to Kapš to his chest...subjects didn't know that father didn't have REAL tube attached to his chest during fathers' stay in the past, and therefore shouldn't assume that one can eat - in reality first time father had tube attached to his chest in 2022 - asking father if he would eat would be acknowledged by psychiatrist Kapš as insane/ridiculous and if writing here without mentioning that is fathers' first time to have feeding tube attached to stomach, I would be rated by cretin with psychiatric license as paranoid schizophrenic - cretin with psychitric license in his hands who is interesting/amusing to himself for am concerned) and then old man begun to act annoyed(punched me day or two earlier and this time also indicted willingness to just same for correcting him pillows and posture prior to playing one fishing videos - obviously with idea I would return) what was used to remind me about young girl Špela and her whereabouts(she just exited building upon my arrival) for whom infront of psychiatrist Kapš was stated to me will be her last job changing father a diapers that evening but that she would annoy him to remind me about final job at this facility - as much as I like girl who presented me boyfriend during MK Ultra in 2018, whole thing appears to me is just as merciless toward my father as was against me when tortured without the right to rest for days.... bizarre stuff is happening - father who was again uncovered used again force when I attempted to assist one leaving me no choice other than to leave for the day.

Next to father whom they keep hostage, its others who also suffer. Father is according to my views not doing well at all.

Špela was/is a fine girl(very beautiful too) who even warned me ahead about possibility of encountering father annoyed, but whole thing is pulled by a lunatic who holds psychiatric license and police department. Kapš advocated her in my eyes on how she looks great and would be a prefect match for me, but nobody asked cretin who caused nothing but suffering via torture for his opinion on the first place. Kapš allowed himself to rate females and demanded from me through use of torture to see through "his" eyes whatever he set his eyes on - seeing though his eyes for anyone who wanted to be seen in a positive light in my eyes meant a disaster. I am determined to get Kapš for society's safety standards sake LOBOTOMISED - he presents the most serious threat and prison in my eyes will NOT do it.

At the same time, Slovenian media continues to advertise public how they pay hefty amounts of money for young epople willing to subject themselves to long term stay in bed and what was translated to me how it will be used to rationalize fathers death.

48 years of genocide appears is a joke to British....THEY NEED MORE PROOFS HAT I AM NOT INSANE. Good luck anyone convincing world was as psychiatrist/ police officer/politician on my side. Good luck anyone convincing world was saving my life with as seen on this blog and/or how it was necessary due to trade relations etc...@Kapš - 48 years

You are not saving anyone if you deprive him 48 years of life - that clearly understandable that your sole intention was to torture one to death - waste his life through torture while building for yourself enterprise/empire.



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