Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Genocide(the so called MK Ultra) started at my age 4 when I entered Ragovska kindergarten

I know so because it was a older female grammar school teacher in first grade at age 6 who informed with her other female colleague that kindergarten passed onto them MK ULTRA FILES WITH WHICH THEY WERE REQUIRED TO CONTINUE, BUT THAT TWO WOULD LOOK AFTER ME AS

MUCH AS POSSIBLE - THAT  GRAMAR SCHOOL WOULD BE LESS TRAUMATIC/TORTUROUS THAN KINDERGARDEN IS WHAT TWO CLAIMED ME AS LONG AS I WOULD PERFOEM WELL IN THE SCHOOL. THE TWO FEMALE TEACHERS REMINDED ME OF AUTROCITIES COMMITED AGAINST ME ALREADY IN THE KINDERGARDEN AT AGE 4, 5. There were two Serbian or half Serbian educators inside of the kindergarten who were violent in particular - few other co workers educators with Slovenian origins feared them . even semi blonde reddish male who was perhaps director or assistant Ragovska kindergarten director at the time.

THIS GENOCIDE(BESTIALITY) THEY DEMANDED FROM ME TO REFER TO ONE AS MK ULTRA, LASTS ALREADY 48 YEARS. Peterlin is one neighbor with whom we attended same class in kindergarten and whose parents moved with him next door from city as father relocated to village.

Independent Slovenia which inherited YUGOSLAV GENOCIDE CASE AGAINST ME eventually have outperformed - have  competed with as to what Slovenian police/ psychiatrists and politicians claimed me a German SS - concentration camp suffering is as to what Slovenia exampled and prided itself with infront of international community....exactly what Slovenia used for genocide against me is what Russia(Putin) did/does against people of Ukraine....20 years of genocide in Yugoslavia and 32 in so called Slovenia.

What hurts me the most is not issue with Slovenia, but side which NATO/EU and even USA(despite even my citizenship I obtained) took so Slovenia could continue and even upgrade whatever Serbs commenced in so called Yugoslavia. Thats what really hurts. Naturally no country in the world does stuff like this to their natives as for Slovenia, but why NATO/EU supported it !!??????? Money and war wise to lure Putin's team through psychopathic game of death into a trap sure, but there was spitting me you know from side of so called allies - a total disrespect I faced over and over course of the time...

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