Wednesday, June 21, 2023

According to MK Ultra information - Ivan Kramberger never was assassinated and have instead immigrated to northeastern part of Croatia

Something his son(police officer) dared me to state. Something many insisted me was a brainwash based on lie.

Facts: Kramberger insisted me before other Slovenian politicians who presented me my case during MK Ultra torture in 1991 upon independence(6 months after) as helpless without any future case due to ethnic problems in region I made on what old MK Ultra acquaintance whom Germans groomed Mr. Kramberger volunteered (after Janša, Bavčar and others turned their back on me), would do for me...Kramberger soon after declared next to Pučnik and other that he won't be capable to save me to what we all witnessed assassination.

Psychiatric hospital would on regular bases deliver me in respect to Kramberger to Croatian area of towns Lepoglava near Slovenian border(about 10 kilometers from border) as well as to area of Sveti Ivan/Križevci. Individual from Bistrica could have been the one who immigrated to Lepoglava and another individual for whom most likely Croatian remainings of UDBA insisted was Kramberger to area of Sveti Ivan/Križevci area....whichever way, I no longer wanted to visit drugged up what was becoming more and more violent Croatian landscape accompanied with Slovenian psychiatric Ljubljana Polje staff.

IF real Ivan Kramberger or not, I do not know. Possibly his son also claimed me father finally died in 2012. I can't confirm stated above as actual Ivan Kramberger events and could well be product of Slovenian UDBA.

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