Saturday, June 17, 2023

From case of my own I learned that THE ONE without his homeland regardless of his location on planet earth is not worth shit in this world for other than to be traded with as human commodity

The one with royal certificate and even if with nothing to offer on the other hand, definitely is.

Even if I would be born as homeless from San Marino, life wouldn't have taken curse upon me as it did. Slovenian independence leaders rationalized upon Slovenian independence in 1991 that THEY WOULD STOP WHAT YUGOSLAVIA(Gretaer Serbian chetnik state) STARTED AT MY AGE 8(in 1980), BUT THAT THEY DEEM SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME. Those were words of Lojze Peterle to me about 6 months after Slovenian independence. NAZI  motto prevailed as THE MORE WE DO TO YOU, THE LESS YOU KNOW WE DO TO YOU thus making Slovenian independence in my case EVEN more murderous than what my citizen status was under Yugoslavia. He alone became addicted due to betrayal to idea of getting me out of Slovenia to isolated location(Thailand) where butcheries could proceed and what one also used to advance finances of his colleagues.

To marry into royal circle for me it was not - not steal through torture and earn more through possible future marriage was a YES for Thai royal family. But other swines who participated didn't differ in these views much from one another. I was not good enough for her unless I would somehow made it through with also a lots of $$$$$$$....

France Bučar , Dimitrij Rupel, Janez Janša, Igor Bavčar, Jože Pučnik, and others were all on my side just as I alone was on their side supporting them publicly to maximum extent one can offer to support his government officials - except for what stated was returned in exact form as seen above. Not about size of the country, but degree of treason. Not even about Putin.

And one thing is 100% certain - I don't owe anyone in this world shit and never ever will. Commercial which Peterle also have seen himself in respect to my case - what one also stressed in my face to see myself as/in.

Bajrakitiyabha KNEW that amount of genocide which her royal family committed using her as well(SHE alone), would disallow us to ever even meet. She wasn't afraid of at whom they pointed finger at to steer suspicions(Thai royals didn't believe that I am sane - they were certain I remember nothing, and first wanted to learn how much of what went on in respect to Thailand I even remember), but sure was of my memory.

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