Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Psychiatrist Kapš and police didn't poison fathers' mind in respect to pulling deeding tube out of his stomach ONLY - it was mother too whom they poisoned in respect to suicide

Neighbor Andrej Uhl who became close "friend"(they used one to brainwash her) of mother was "asking" neighbor physician beginning in 2002 how to terminate life without suffering of any kind or as they claimed me - with as little as possible and as fast as possible. Mother referred to me since my return from USA as I cite, "you returned on the scene of crime" while under MK Ultra was brainwashing me with issues which heavily suggested suicide in case of police.
Once I locked in my room those bottles used to unclog pipes, door was left open next morning in my face just as neighbor police officer Metod Jerman insisted me case will be. Seen here is what I was prompted to take photos of it and place it online - included mother.

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