Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The two Татьяна I met in Belarus(not the one I dated) in 2017 were my earliest loves and date back to first grade of grammar school

I had no idea I was so dangerous with girls. For one, I was latter told is sister of Putin(lives in Vitebsk works in Moscow) and other one is from Minsk. I was 6 years old when I met them and whole thing developed into war just two years latter MAX when British and Americans and very POSSIBLY

NORWEGIANS introduced in MK Ultra their girls. These girls were all about 5 years if not more older. Belorussian teacher promised me with Russian participants death already at age 8 when in Moscow - he had no choice other than to repeat word by word what one was ordered to see. In Slovenia, teachers begun to death threaten under MK Ultra, but I death threatened them back. For acknowledging me as good as dead, I rated them as dead walking. Nothing that would come anywhere to my mind in real life. Lawyer Slava from Vitebsk was one of the earliest participants, but introduced in MK Ultra probably at latter stage in like my fourth grade when I was like 9 or 10 years old.  As much as I preferably moved from having any conflicts in my real life, there was nowhere to hide when subjected to MK Ultra thus leaving me no choice but to brutalize adults with single though on my mind since there was no one to defend me - just wait I grow up and see. I did managed to kiss on lips also Tatiana from Vitebsk who works in Moscow and she liked it. HAAAAAA !!! TAKE THIS !!! While my schoolmates and teachers talked ALL THE TIME(too much for my taste) about how politicians were killed in USSR and Tito that barely escaped death, I even death threatened Soviet top at age 7. Imagine this. British royals became involved even earlier than what I thought and didn't like me officially BUT DID PICKED ME - SELECTED ME FOR THEMSELVES. POSSIBLY EVEN PURCHASED ME FROM RUSSIANS AT AGE 9. Andrew and Charles searched for kids from eastern Europe who saw themselves in West rather than in USSR and/or were according to the two life threatened. I don't buy any of it, but okay(@Charles and Andrew - like why did you have Russians near you and have repeated long enough to get replica from them infront of me - manipulators). USSR and USA very much worked together with one another and chicks they brought along from West were bad as hell. Russian side claimed me I failed with Russian girls with Asian complexion while accepting European looking what 100% was not truth. Once I failed with Russians, I begun to date Chinese almost like the day after what made Russians rather crazy. The girl whom I managed to kiss reportedly was the one I disliked back then what back then obviously made no sense. Then Russian begun to invent on how I can go for Chinese but not mixed with Russian what was even insaner theory. No wonder they were making same car models for 50 years. Related to 

Kids from Finland and some other parts of Europe joined Moscow club in my 7th grade. They wouldn't want to participate but since I became a role model for Western Europe, club begun to grow and grow....presidents from many Western European states told me that they wouldn't allow their kids to participate, but that word got around about me. So I should have little brothers and sisters since childhood from all around the world.

@Lavrov - you should have hired me for director of Lada at my age 7. Too damn bad, but luckily there are Elons to save you today ;)

ps. I did have Lada, but that was Samara.

 The Татьяна клуб !!!

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