Monday, June 26, 2023

As for human butcheries which went on(kidney, liver, cancer in left foot upper left arm, spine, left heart area)

Serbs and local Slovenian heroes dreamed about having physical confrontation with me once body no longer would support physical activities. It was a must for these great Slavic world in which despite genocidal circumstances Germans, Britons, Americans and others

have accommodated them with even across the pond, for them to view themselves as equal.

Keep in mind - in second grade of grammar school, school begun to administrate retardation injections which would leave me semi blind for up to 14 days at the time and quite retarded for a week on each occasion those were given to me. Those injections were used to retard foremost physical developpement(growth was #1 concern due to size I was), and I received them for four years. 


@Jack Nicholson - FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD LUNATIC - SWINE AS YOU ALL ARE. DO YOU SEE ANY PARALLEL WITH YOUR MOVIE AND EVEN YOURSELF WITH ME !!???? You were acting mentally ill, but many who compared you with my case also claimed since you demanded from me to see myself in your movie role that you are actually sick. Luckily for you, you are not alone in the buddybuggerplace on West coast. What a difference money makes if you are not born on a wrong place.

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