Friday, June 30, 2023

Russian Wagner for you to know where name for Wagner mercenaries is coming from

Was American Israeli individual who was extremely active within illuminati club and no longer would come to Slovenia beginning 2010 due to fear of becoming internationally persecuted for grand sale of Western weaponry to Vladimir Putin's team. He, I was told, also immigrated to Israel for life and has at least one daughter. Ukraine begun to contemplate in as early as in 2004 to bring individual who brokered for Russia anywhere from technology to people who dealt with Western military technology to international justice. In honor to this very individual with exceptionally rare Jewish last name as Wagner, Putin created yet another cluster f**** with which one attempted to surprise audience at the and of the war on People of Ukraine.

This Wagner who became through torture(heavily participated and incited in torture) sooooo famous in Israel even had his Israeli fans call WAGNER MUSIC by utterly calling for war on Europe through Russia via Ukraine. Concert was dashed by Israeli government which ON TIME LEARNED ABOUT WAGNER's lunacy in 2012 - even music from German musician Wagner who was antisemite appealed to Israelis due to heavy armament for the sake of the war in Ukraine by one of their own who also had this rare in Jewish world Wagner as the last name. And written here are facts.

It is possible that Jewish man who moved from USA to Israel with his family had as a last name Vagner and not Wagner, but it really is the same.

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