Sunday, June 25, 2023

MK ULTRA - Older Turkish nationals from Bursa identified

Unfortunately it didn't come to me till I arrived home that night and as I headed back to meet them(local Hofer store), they were already gone.

Younger man in the store was there with his father. Therefore son became involved and obtained after short work in factory(just few months) a commercial drivers license - completed 3 years of education even in 2002 or so. He shortly after moved with wife from parents' nest to a private flat just few meters away from home and from there into a new apartment complex(2006 or 2008) located further away from home probably about 15 minutes drive. He has brothers and sisters - I should say his father who was with him at the store has many kids. In 2006/2008 as he moved in apartment, he started a family. He has children(at least two before 2010). Father is a quite wealthy and could have something to do with rentals - possibly even a new apartment complex if that one is not product of father in law who is very very wealth from what I recall - possibly a company owner where he got his job as driver in Turkey.

Son lives now lives in France(I think he told me since 2020, but drove truck there since 2017) while father remains in Turkish Bursa. Auto dome with which two were at Hofer was purchased as new in 2017 and is made in Turkey.

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