Sunday, June 11, 2023

Because of incident with priest at Novo mesto's Šempeter yesterday, I consider Slovenian Roman catholic church even today in 2023 to be nothing more than a nest of fascism in tiny state

 Priest took orders from Vatican where Francis had his lawyers evaluate one and coordinate

attack on me with British royals this I see no connection between individua employed in such institution and Slovenia alone unless Vatican demands from me to view Milan Kučan/ Borut Pahor etc. as Slovenian native which I never ever will. Interests of Slovenian church still match those of fascist WW2 when one was a nest of fascism This is also to say that I am disgusted with Pope Francis who amongst other also directly was involved in this specific case.

Italian, British, and German(previously self proclaimed as colonial and nazi/fascist states) sides claimed all the time I am causing them a problems a racial tensions during MK Ultra torture - didn't even have a blog till 2011...whenever hijacked into either of stated countries, they MOSTLY used minorities to torture/ death threaten next to their own population...presented me as a ultimate racist, but it appears they somehow are not capable to let go even in 2023. They continue to try luck and cause unprecedented harm on every step of the way.

The real lawyer that this priest had and have is/are located in Vatican city.

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